5 Smart Hacks to Save You Money on Amazon

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Who doesn’t love a good deal? On Amazon you can always save with a Prime membership and by subscribing to their regular deals. However, you might not want a long-term commitment with Amazon due to other online choices. Still, there is no reason why you shouldn’t save money when you do choose to spend there. Here are a few smart hacks that require just a little manipulation – and some luck.

1. Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products


Sponsored products are to eCommerce websites what PPC is to search engine marketers. Since all the sellers are competing for your attention, it is a win-win when you don’t spend too much effort searching for the right product at its best price.

To view sponsored products on Amazon, just go to any item that you might be considering and look at the bottom of the page. It is much easier to scroll left to right rather than going through a top to bottom list. From the first level itself, you can work your way inside to your favorite selection.

If you want to combine the options with good reviews, check specific review topics which are of interest. For example, in my search for the perfect stylish straight razor, the review criteria I used were “learning curve” and “great price.”

2. Apply Percentage Discounts after URL

Amazon Percentage Discount

This is such a sweet hack that you might ask yourself why didn’t you know about it earlier. Amazon does frequently show discounts for their products at irregular intervals. But what should you do when you must buy something without any delay? Simply add the text “&pct-off=%-%” after the URL of a category to see all the products that are offering the percentage discount you need. In the following example, the page shows 20 to 30% discount for fountain pens. You can apply as many percentage discount points as you want, as long as there are products that operate within that range.


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3. Use Price-Tracking Tools

Here is another ingenious tool to get the best Amazon deal, except it requires the use of a third-party tool. This is really useful if you can afford to wait a few days for a purchase or like to ensure that a current deal is the best. On the following screen a pair of Puma shoes is available for $41.96.


Next, you have to go to a price-comparison tool called CamelCamelCamel. Here you must enter the Amazon product URL. You can now see the historical pricing trends of the product and make a decision on whether to wait or buy. It was at its lowest recently at $39. While the difference in this case is only around $2, you will get more variation for expensive products.

CamelCamelCamel Price Tracking for Sample Amazon Product

Here is another software called PriceAlert which does a similar job.

4. Check Used Offers

Amazon Used Offers

If you don’t mind buying used products, you can go to the Amazon Warehouse where you have tons of options. This is particularly useful for electronic appliances, unlocked cell phones, cameras and other gadgets. You may notice a tiny option next to the item called “XX number of used offers.” Sometimes the variation is huge.


5.  Look for Giveaways

Amazon Giveaways

Amazon has a dedicated section appropriately called “Giveaways” where you get percentage discounts on plenty of items. In some cases you might have to watch a short video, but in many cases you can directly access the steep discount.


Amazon offers plenty of other options to save money including Amazon Prime days, Black Friday deals, and Lightning deals. However, all of them require sustained interest and some level of commitment. With this simple hacks, you can get a real steal with the best value for money products on Amazon.

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